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Why are these men smiling?

Today’s post is just for fun… So, why are these guys all smiling? I have a theory! It is said that Mr. Nixon was a legendary poker player.  When he came home from World War II, he financed a car, a … Continue reading

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Here’s a strange…

…as the late Paul Harvey used to say. Yes, strange indeed!  So strange that I’m not sure where to run with this one.  I took this picture a couple of weeks ago with the intention of using it for a … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift of All

I thought that it might be a good idea to re-blog this post from last October; it’s one of the very first on this blog, since we celebrated Resurrection Sunday yesterday.  Why is Jesus’ resurrection an amazing and awesome thing? … Continue reading

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Glory to God in Culture

We Christians can be critical of culture; I include myself in this statement.  It is actually quite easy to be critical of culture since culture involves so many questionable things; especially present day culture.  We would be making a mistake, … Continue reading

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A Sumptuous Mansion

This post originally appeared on my “other” blog, Pages from the Past here at Word Press. Located in Galena, Illinois the Jones Mansion (Belvedere Mansion) has not only had an interesting history, it is a marvel to behold. Built by Joseph Russell Jones in … Continue reading

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Looking Through Old Windows

I love to look through old windows. It can really be quite different from looking through modern ones.  Somehow the old ones give a person a more interesting perspective. Even when you keep looking out of the same one, the … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Teddy Roosevelt!

Yes, today is the 153rd birthday of our 26th president. It’s also true that our 26th president was one of our more colorful characters!  He came to public prominence during the Spanish-American War in 1898 as Colonel Roosevelt of the “Rough … Continue reading

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The Greatest Gift of All

What is the greatest gift you have ever received? There could be quite a few answers to a question like that; for me, the greatest gift I’ve ever received can be summed up in this picture… This picture is called … Continue reading

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