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Cherry Blossom Festival

I’ve heard on the radio that this weekend is the high point of the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. Everyone should see this time of year in Washington at least once, as I was fortunate to do back … Continue reading

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TLP Inspiration: 5/28/18

Where the Guns Fell Silent I first ran this back in 2015 after a visit to Appomattox, and I thought I’d run it again today since it is Memorial Day in the USA.  This observance began in 1866 as a … Continue reading

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Where Have I Gone?? Episode 2

Downsizing one’s home isn’t always an easy thing to do; downsizing two homes is more challenging still… and that’s what I’ve been up to lately. My wife and I live in a house that is close to 4,000 square feet … Continue reading

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The Magnificence of God’s Creation

The magnificence of God’s creative handiwork is all around us, it’s in the garden, in the trees, the flowers of the fields and the mountains, the sky; it’s even evident within our own bodies. Yet for me, for whatever reason, … Continue reading

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Rafting Down the River

I was informed last Tuesday by She Who Must Be Obeyed that we were going on a little trip to the Martha Brae River about an hour away from where we were staying in Jamaica. I wasn’t all that anxious … Continue reading

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Random Ramblings: October 30, 2016

I’ve always been partial to autumn; I’m not quite sure why that is, but I have been. As a youngster, I always looked forward to summer; I would imagine most kids do since school is out. Even now I look … Continue reading

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The View From Up Here

Sometimes I like to go to a high place and look down; you can see a lot from up here.  Down there on the streets of town you can see the details, but it’s hard to take in the whole … Continue reading

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Naked Ladies

No, I didn’t use this title so you would look… but I guess you did. Actually, that’s what these flowers are called. OK, technically, they are called Amaryllis belladonna, but I think the common name is easier to remember for … Continue reading

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Adventures in Yard Work

I mentioned a week ago that I needed to do some clean up in the yard, and that as a consequence I wouldn’t be blogging as much as usual; this is my “report”. I had some adventures outside this past … Continue reading

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Where the Past and Present Come Together

This past weekend my wife and I traveled to Charleston, Illinois to spend the weekend with family. On Friday evening we drove to Mattoon, Illinois to pick up some others who were arriving by train from Chicago and we found … Continue reading

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