TLP Inspiration: March 18, 2019

Good Monday Morning from the Heartland.

Some time back I came upon a scene; this tree grabbed my attention because it was unusual…

The unusual thing about the tree isn’t the scar, but how well it has done in spite of the injury it sustained.  I’m not sure exactly what happened to the tree, my first thought was a lightning strike, but who knows.  It seems likely that whatever happened was storm related in some form…

We all deal with storms in our lives, sometimes literally, other times the storms are of a different sort.  Many of these are caused by our own actions and choices, many are not.  More important than anything else is how we respond to them.

When times are tough, do we let the circumstances keep us down; do we let circumstances defeat us?  When we are hurt by life’s storms will we dwell in our pain or rise again from it?  One of the most difficult lessons in life, at least in my life, was learning that we do have this choice.

Even more important than learning that we have a choice in how we respond to damaging storms in life is learning that we need not try to recover all on our own.  It may sound overly simplistic to some, but we can turn much of this over to our Lord, for His strength is greater than ours. We can rely on Him, we can lean on Him, we can trust in Him.   Living a Christian life is a life of setting self aside and serving the Lord Jesus Christ, and dealing with times of trouble is no different, so it stands to reason that He will sustain us all the more when we put our trust in Him and keep on serving others instead of serving ourselves.

Some may question all of this, but all I can say to them is “Come and see”

Incidentally, isn’t it interesting that medical science has noticed that people of faith have much greater survival rates from injuries and traumas than those who are not of faith?  It seems the same is true for heart attacks and strokes; where do we place our trust?

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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2 Responses to TLP Inspiration: March 18, 2019

  1. lindamowles says:

    Great post, and wonderful tree! We can learn much about our relationship with the Lord by looking at what He created. We had a large tree topple over in the neighbors’ yard, which then uprooted the wood fence between our homes. The tree’s roots simply were not strong enough to hold the tree when the gale of a storm blasted it. Looking at the shallowness of the root system in comparison to the tree height explained why it fell over. I immediately thought of the depth of my own roots in the Lord and whether they would be strong enough to hold my faith when trouble hit. Praise the Lord that He is gracious to us and He will strengthen us even when we have trouble staying on His path.

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