The Magnificence of God’s Creation

The magnificence of God’s creative handiwork is all around us, it’s in the garden, in the trees, the flowers of the fields and the mountains, the sky; it’s even evident within our own bodies. Yet for me, for whatever reason, it is never more evident that in the seas, for the seas move and churn, they can be tranquil and they can be raging; it’s almost as though they are alive.

And the sea is so vast, stretching out as far as the eye can see and for thousands of miles beyond.

These pictures were taken on a small island a couple hundred yards from the mainland of Jamaica. The island sits high up on the rocks giving a fantastic view of the surf below. Om this day, we were in a very strong gale under overcast skies with temperatures running about 80 degree F and wind gusts blowing to 70 mph with heavy seas. The best part was riding in the small boat to and from the island, and timing your jumps on and off the boat that was being tossed in the surf; the next day, there were no more boats running…

I wanted to capture the surf as it crashed against the rocks and then was caught in the wind, without having my camera ruined by being blasted by the water, since it isn’t recommended that you let it get wet. I decided to wrap it up as best I could in my shirt, and stay as far back as I could to keep it reasonably dry, but in that wind nothing was dry for long as the raging surf would travel 40 or 50 feet in the air with every wave. To make this happen, I had to use quite a bit of optical zoom which sounds easy, but makes freezing the fast moving water much more difficult on a gloomy day.


Another complication as always was my poor eyesight; I couldn’t really see the waves coming and had to listen carefully and guess at the timing, not easy to do in those conditions where you had to shout for the person next to you to hear you in those conditions.

As you might imagine, I missed more shots than I captured; thank goodness for digital cameras!

Light was interesting too because the overcast was moving very quickly and it would lighten up and then get very dark with only a couple of minutes in between, making interesting effects in the images.

The most interesting part of this day was the feeling of being one with God’s Creation. Certainly this environment was one in which the sights, sounds and feel of the spray and the wind were impossible to miss. It was as though I could hear the voice of God on that island that day, and for me that was the second time I had that experience on that particular island, the first having taken place two years earlier to the day. (I posted about it back in November 2014.)

OK, that one drenched me, I had pushed my luck with camera, and I took no more pictures that day…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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20 Responses to The Magnificence of God’s Creation

  1. Pete says:

    Beautiful pictures. Don. Would it be Ok if I used one of them for a banner on one of my pages? You captured the surf so magnificently! My grandpa used to leave on the main coast and we would stay in a cabin there right next to the rocky shore. I remember the waves crashing into that shore, although not with the force you probably saw. I didn’t appreciate the majesty of it all back then. I sure do now!

  2. claire says:

    Wow terrific shots! I also love the sea, it never fails to calm and thrill!

  3. Tom says:

    Awesome pictures! Makes me miss the water. I have never really been on the ocean but I lived on Lake Superior and saw waves like that a lot.

  4. Terese says:

    Beautiful shots, thank you for sharing!

  5. dawnlizjones says:

    Beautiful all of them, but of course, I liked the last one the best! (Even though it took more sacrifice!)

  6. Gorgeous pictures, Don! My mother and her side of the family are Jamaican and you totally captured the beauty of the surf.

  7. I like these pictures Don. They turned out good.

  8. frcasper says:

    Hi Don, Br Andrew AKA Fr Casper – I really like the Camera killer, I too, am enthralled by the Ocean, the movement of the waves, especially on a stormy day. We live within 10 minutes walk of Maroubra beach so there is never a shortage of all the above. Our cameras are made for underwater also, however I would love one with better resolution and magnification.

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