Too Cold to Snow

The weekend that has just passed was an interesting one around here, interesting at least as far as the weather goes. You see, it was supposed to snow, but it barely managed a dusting. Friday was warm, relatively speaking, with heavy fog and rain, and this is also interesting, because in this part of the world, it doesn’t normally rain in January. Saturday was much cooler, windy and “trying” to snow, and the temperature was dropping all day long. The wind was blowing pretty hard Saturday night, and I couldn’t help noticing that our old heating system was having a hard time keeping the temperature on the thermostat.  You might think we have trouble with out furnace… but for a system that was installed in 1895, I think it does very well.

Even so, it was rather chilly Saturday night. By Sunday morning, it was cool enough that I wasn’t really looking forward to the shower…

As the sun was coming up, I went upstairs to the top floor to check my blog, moderate comments and all of the usual early morning things, and up here where I work, it was very cold, so I turned the heat up on this floor, which is usually set just high enough to ensure the pipes don’t freeze when nobody is up here.  When I am working at my computer, there is a window to my left that overlooks 20th Street; you can see it in the picture below, just under the peak of the roof…

I knew that if I looked at it, there would be ice on the inside of the window; there always is when the temps get this cold…

I checked the temp on my phone: 1 degree F, wind chill -25F… Thinking the forecast had been wrong I looked out, and sure enough, barely a dusting; it was too cold to snow! Yep, in these parts when the temp is below about 10F, it usually won’t snow…

I’ve never taken photos of  ice-covered windows on the inside of a house before, not sure why, I just haven’t. In fact, I’ve never really paid attention to such things. You know what? It’s pretty cool when you look at it; the shapes, the way it manifests on the frozen 120 year old glass…

I recalled something else yesterday morning when I went outside; it was a gorgeous, picture post card kind of morning, clear as a bell,  an amazing blue sky and bright sunlight dancing of the dusting of pristine snow… gorgeous.

Isn’t it something that on the days that are the coldest, God provides us with the most dazzling show of His handiwork? Those coldest of winter days, the ones on which you don’t want to get out of your warm bed, God has a precious gift for those who brave the cold to see it.

I’m sure there is a lesson in this somewhere!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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12 Responses to Too Cold to Snow

  1. bcaudle77 says:

    wow, that’s cold, living in Sacramento Ca. we don’t know what you are talking about…

  2. Blootvoet says:

    Beautiful. Oh, what is cold? Where I live, upward of 30-45 degrees Celcius….. we won’t easily get to see what you do. We have no reindeer or Santa for Christmas but springbok and oryx in the mirage of a hot summer. 😆

  3. kenzelsfire says:

    I remember the forecast calling for snow & warm weather prior to. The flakes started & 7am in our area but ended as soon as they started. Turns out the “snow line” was VERY defined. 5-10 miles west they got 2-3 inches, elsewhere it really didn’t stick.

    I love the photos you took. God is the most amazing Artist!

  4. secretangel says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  5. Beautiful pictures and analogy! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

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