Hurry Up!

Hurry up!  Time is of the essence!  Let’s go, go, go!  Get things done!  Time to run! I’m late!  Rush, rush, rush! Urgent! Move it! Get the lead out!

Welcome to another week.

Everybody’s always in a big rush, have you noticed that?  I remember when fax machines came along… weren’t they going to make things easier?  Well maybe they did in a way, but as I recall they also made me everyone’s slave.  Instead of opening a letter that came in the mail that made a request and asked for a prompt response (when you have a minute), now I was getting faxes that said the sender was waiting for a response immediately…

Fax machines are kind of obsolete now that we have scanners and email, and the demands are even greater… and you can never get away because you have a smart phone and you can get email even when you are out… and the people still expect an immediate reply.  In fact, with all of the modern time-saving technology that we have, we’ve never been more at the beck and call of others; the insanity just increases.

Being a bit of a rebel myself, I tend to investigate new electronic devices when I get them to discover if they have a very old-fashioned feature: an off button.  I have demonstrated this feature to countless young people over the years who had no idea that their cell phones even had such a thing!  My kids thought that they only had vibrate buttons; imagine their surprise!

Well, as I was saying I’m a bit of a rebel, so I tend to turn these devices on only when I want to use them, to the consternation of some− oh well.  It seems to me that we need to have some time to relax, to think and to spend with family, loved ones and the Lord Jesus Christ.  This is another old-fashioned notion: we need to devote time to our important relationships. I know, people everywhere are falling over in shock, right?

Take a few minutes today for those important relationships in your life, especially the one with our Lord, your sanity level will be healthier and your life will be enriched.

Now: I’d love to say more, but sorry, I’ve gotta run!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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6 Responses to Hurry Up!

  1. My favorite time of day, is when my son comes in from work and sits with me for a while. Even if it is only five minutes, its special. I know eventually the time will come when he will leave the nest as he should, so I cherish the gifts of a few moments each day.

  2. Would that mean am a rebel too? 😂😄 I recently got so disturbed with all the messages popping up in emails and messengers due to distance learning, that I have to turn my phone off every night so I could have a good sleep.

    Being a rebel is great!

  3. Pete says:

    Great reminder Don. Have you ever read the article, Tyranny of the Urgent? I’m sure you can find it online. It was written decades ago before the advancement of technology and is more applicable today than it ever was.

  4. Couldn’t stop smiling, Brother! 💗😉👍

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