Those Who Mourn

I normally don’t think of a person in mourning as all that blessed- at least not in their time of grief. Yet, if you think about it, someone who cannot grieve is really to be pitied, after all, in order to grieve, you must have loved someone or something. If you’ve never mourned the loss of someone, then, unless you are very young, wouldn’t that mean that you’ve probably never cared enough for anyone to mourn them?

Those who mourn are blessed because they are also those who have loved, who have a capacity to care, who bother to be involved, and now that I think about it, I would say that they are very blessed indeed, whole the one who does not mourn has missed out on something wonderful.

Those who mourn will find comfort if they seek it. They will find it in those who care about them, for after all, they have relationships. They will find great comfort from their relationship with God as well, for He is the God of all comfort.

Yes, they are very much blessed.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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3 Responses to Those Who Mourn

  1. If I mourn for my sins, they will be forgiven. Oh, what comfort!

  2. Looking Up! says:

    Yes, my husband of 18 years just got up on July 2nd, 2020 and gave me a kiss goodbye and off to work. 2 hours later he sends a text message stating he is no longer in love and it’s over. Gotta find a little humor in that. (Sadly). Probably the thing that hurt the deepest? I mean 18 years of life and you can’t even sit down with the person and look them in the eyes and just state your feelings? No, I suppose he was too focused on his girlfriend that gave him butterflies. I get it. I am 56. My sons are grown and live over a thousand miles away. I worked hard trying to get everything paid off so that in a few more years we could retire and maybe begin to enjoy life again. Jokes on me because he was enjoying his life. I worked 12 to 15 hours a day and he was having lunches with friends and going to the casino and whatever his heart desired. Now, a text message later and then a month later I am divorced. Then I look up and 309 days have passed. I am alone in my home with my sweet dog. No TV , my choice. Just mainly silence. Private prison. Weekly work ZOOM meetings. A trip to the grocery store twice a month. I have learned that over the past 18 years friends aren’t friends, they are simply coworkers. Coworkers that I haven’t even seen over the past year. I felt alone in the house when he was here. I suppose I feel a little more free. I suppose feeling alone when the house is empty at least makes sense. 😕 I am still looking up! I have a friend in Jesus, what more does a person need? 🙂

    • Don Merritt says:

      You are quite right. I won’t get into detail here, but I had a similar experience a little over 20 years age, it was hard, but with God, all things are possible, and that is not just something we say- it’s the Truth and I’ve really come to appreciate that. It isn’t always easy to see what God is up, but I know that when I am weak, He is strong and now I am in a better place than I ever imagined possible; hang in there with Jesus and see the amazing things He will do in your life!

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