While I Was Away… part 2

Before we left Iowa for the move to Florida last fall, we pretty much remained at home, not really seeing anyone for our last 3 weeks. Three days before we hit the road, my wife Cathy went to the auto parts store with mask on and keeping the recommended distance and all that, to get new wiper blades for the car. She paid for them, and the nice man came out and put them on for her and she returned home. On our second day on the road, she began feeling funny; on the last day, so did I.

That’s how we got COVID.

On our first full day after arriving, we were tested, and a couple days later we received the positive results with a quarantine order…

If you get a quarantine order, it becomes unlawful to leave the house for the specified period of time. I wonder if it occurred to anyone that means you are cut off from seeking medical attention. There was also no food in the house, and since we moved way out in the country, you can’t get it delivered like we were doing in Iowa.

Don’t tell anyone, but we drove into Deland to get provisions. No, wait, don’t go crazy on me!

We ordered online for curbside pickup and the nice store workers put our stuff in the trunk and we never got out of the car or came into contact with him in any way…

Even so, I hate to think of what would happen if we needed a doctor. I guess you call 911… not sure.

I know that many people like to keep up with all of the latest trends and fads, but even though COVID is all the rage, I really can’t recommend it. As for the symptoms I experienced, it didn’t really ever rise to the level of a bad chest cold, at least as best I can remember what a cold is like, for I can’t recall my last one, it was so long ago. The thing about COVID, at least for me, was the fatigue factor that starts to set in. After the first few days, at about the time I was thinking this was going to be a cakewalk, I started to feel really tired. The day after that, I took a nap in the afternoon, which is highly unusual for me. Then I needed a morning nap and an afternoon nap, and I didn’t wake up in the morning until after 6 am (I am normally up by 4).

The next day I had congestion in my chest and didn’t want to get up at all, and the day after that, day 10, it was completely gone.

Even so, I felt weak for a couple of weeks after we were all clean of the virus, and even now I cannot really smell anything. I would imagine that if I had more underlying conditions than being over 55 and a bit overweight, that fatigue period would be when the virus would really get rough…

Ironic, isn’t it? All of the times last summer when we didn’t do a very good job of following the rules, nothing happens. When we were following the rules very carefully, it got us both: This virus is a nasty piece of work; please don’t take it lightly.

Next time I’ll share our new neighborhood church with you. Last Sunday was our very first worship service- you won’t want to miss this one!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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13 Responses to While I Was Away… part 2

  1. Don, so glad you are well. I got my first vaccination today and praising God for that.


  2. Pete says:

    Glad you are OK. I know some who had it worse. They say day 5-8 is when it really hits. I really don’t understand those who make light of this virus. God bless you and heal you.

  3. paulfg says:

    Did wonder from your earlier comment. So glad you both came through okay. We are hearing about “long covid” where some of the symptoms linger like a bad smell.

    I am on the list of vulnerable, have ignored much government advice (with attitude!!) – essentially quarantine for a full year – unless they extend the period. We have been sensible and risk-safe – have been abroad twice last year, and have done childcare in the house as usual throughout.

    Like you – not a sniff of covid. Now I’ve had the first jab (being on the vulnerable list), and Mrs Paul has as well (childcare duties pushed her up the list).

    Stay safe young man! You are too precious to succumb to this. xxx

    • Don Merritt says:

      Thank you Paul. This thing is nasty for sure. You can do everything wrong and not get it, and everything right and get it anyway- it seems like a numbers game, really. We’ll be getting the shots when we can, but having developed antibodies already, we’re at the bottom of the list- which of course, is as it should be.
      Seems to me that we need to be smart about this, but I’m not going to live in fear, and I don’t know about the UK, but around here folks are getting fed up with Big Brother treating us like children. Looks like to me like BB hasn’t gotten much right so far. 🙂

      • paulfg says:

        In all the debate about the pandemic I keep coming back to one thing: this thing can’t spread without us. In the UK our government is “controlling” the virus. No government controls the virus. As you found out – only us individual human beings can stop and pass-on the virus. And no matter how much we follow the rules – as you found out, we can’t live risk free. Not if we want to live.
        My gripe isn’t with any government – it is with those who deny there is a virus, who see wearing a mask as unnecessary, who believe they are immune and act accordingly.
        Never before have we each – globally and locally – had a greater opportunity and motivation for “love me, love you, and love something bigger than all of us” being the fastest way out of this. But as Usual personal entitlement seems the preferred choice for a growing number.
        As for Big Brother – the behavioural scientists have been kept out of the spotlight here. The medical scientists stand alongside the government spokespeople. But this is one massive behavioural experiment at every level. I think that’s why it seems so Big Brother.
        Just glad I have never had any ambition to fix the world – every political leader is wrong if they do and wrong if they don’t.

  4. I appreciate how you gave your Covid story without sounding too polarized either way.
    You told what happened to you and your wife , warned others it wasn’t a cake walk and left it at that.

    Glad you both are better. God Bless.

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  6. I am reading your posts backwards so I commented on 3 before reading this one. So glad you and your wife are recovering. May your restoration be complete for both of you. God bless you

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