You Can’t Tell a Book by its Cover

Good Morning from the Heartland.

Don’t you find that people sometimes jump to conclusions about other people without really having enough information to know anything?  You know, take someone who is dressed in dirty clothes, maybe unshaven or unkempt looking who might talk a bit rough: Aha! a bad person!

Once upon a time, I was inspecting a house for an appraisal.  A young guy let me in; he looked to be in his late 20’s, and spoke just like a really young guy. It was a very nice home on a Tahoe golf course, and I had no idea who this guy was, but he had been expecting me…

He asked if I needed anything, and I told him that no, I didn’t, but that I needed to go through the place, take some notes, measurements and photos.  He said that was fine, and that he was going out in the yard to collect errant golf balls, whereupon he took off his shirt and pants and walked to a closet and grabbed a pair of shorts and a bucket and went outside.  I thought at the time that this was a little different, but OK he must be the owner’s son or employee.

It turned out that he was in fact the owner of the house, of the Sacramento Kings of the NBA and the richest man in Sacramento!

Sometimes you just need to reserve judgment on these things…

We may run into people who need to have a relationship with Jesus Christ and who look a little scary.  Many would avoid such people thinking that they must be dangerous.  Jesus didn’t do things like that, He approached everyone with the Good News.  Other times, we might gravitate towards people who appear to have everything together and don’t share our faith because they look so ‘perfect’ that they don’t need to hear about Jesus, only to discover later that they weren’t what we thought.

The ‘moral of the story’ is that we need to boldly share our faith no matter what a person may appear to be.  We cannot take the position that we are too good to approach some people and not lofty enough to approach others; God has put them in our path for a reason.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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7 Responses to You Can’t Tell a Book by its Cover

  1. #hhhigh says:

    Amen, it’s true

  2. Steve B says:

    One day many many years ago, I was walking down a street when a guy pulled up outside a bank. His car was a Ferrari and this guy was wearing shorts and T-shirt. He was also carrying a sack which I gathered was a sack of money into the bank.

    I analyzed this and thought, “Hey if I walk down the street looking like a poor person then people will assume I have no money.” Sometimes I have had many thousands in my pocket cause I look poor. 🙂

  3. Dale Ambler says:

    Reminds me of yesterday’s message…”Welcome one another, therefore, just as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” (Rom 15:7) Thanks for your words!!

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