TLP Op-Ed: 5/5/18

A Time of Hope and Optimism?

If we pick up a newspaper or turn on a cable news channel, it might not occur to us that we are living in optimistic times. This might be caused by the fact that for the most part, no one is optimistic about the future; why should we be?

Our news coverage is all about scandal, investigations and Stormy Daniels. Isn’t there anything good going on?

Democrats, who simply can’t help but take control of Congress in November, are talking about Impeachment: Trump = Bad. Why shouldn’t they? Nobody likes Trump, his job approval is hovering around what… 20 %?

The whole world hates us, yep, that’s what we hear; we’re a laughing stock.

The economy is terrible, Trump’s ruined it entirely, just as we knew he would. We are on the brink of several wars from the Middle East to North Korea, and the Russians have made Trump their little puppet.

Maybe I sound a little over the top, but I just spent an hour watching CNN.

Let’s stop and think for a moment…

When was the last time you saw one of those ISIS videos where they were murdering somebody? When was the last time you heard about ISIS capturing a town somewhere? What happened to North Korean missiles flying off in the direction of Japan or somewhere else?  How is the economy really doing? How high as the unemployment rate climbed? How is consumer confidence doing?

Let’s start with the job approval: Although I am no fan of Mr. Trump, the truth is that Mr. Trump’s job approval has never been so high as it is right now at 51% according to the newest Rasmussen Poll.

ISIS has been largely destroyed over the past year, although there are still sleeper units in various places. As for North Korea, a date and location has been set for a summit between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim within the next few weeks. It may lead to a final solution to the Korean War, or it may not, but Mr. Trump has gone further than anyone ever has to resolve the problem.

The unemployment rate has dropped to a historic peacetime low, seldom seen before as consumer confidence remains very high: That’s right, the “new normals” of the previous Administration are gone.

And finally, as for the endless investigations… Mr. Mueller had a rough day in Federal Court yesterday before a Federal Judge who may not be willing to buy his contention that a Special Prosecutor can run roughshod over everyone in a desperate bid to find something, anything, to accuse a sitting president of. A little advice for Mr. Mueller: Sir, if you have any evidence of collusion between Trump and/or his campaign with the Russians, this might be a good time for one of your little minions to leak it. Come on now sir, you haven’t had any problems leaking things that would be politically embarrassing to the President, show us the evidence which thus far at least, no one on planet earth has seen.

I don’t even want to get into the Stormy Daniels thing, except to say… “Seriously?”

It isn’t easy, in these crazy and toxic times, to sit back and look at the state of things, but if we do we will see that things really aren’t bad. In fact, if anyone other than Donald Trump was in the White House, they would have approval ratings that were through the roof, and we’d be looking at ways to add them to Mount Rushmore; but then, no other president has such an undisciplined mouth and… a Twitter account.

Well… I think I’ve irritated everyone equally, my job here is done for today. Have a great weekend everybody!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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13 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: 5/5/18

  1. Enjoy your take on the news. Editorials. Keep doing it.

  2. jessicamaymoore says:

    As my four year old grandson would say, “GO TRUMP,”

  3. Very well said. Thanks for the insight.

    Be blessed.

  4. pipermac5 says:

    POTUS Trump and VP Pence both gave excellent speeches at the NRA Convention yesterday. Thanks to both of them for gracing the oldest civil rights organization in America with your presence. We appreciate your vote of confidence and promise of support! The Constitution still matters!

  5. My Way Home Life says:

    I enjoyed your train of thought – not irritated at all.😊

  6. Efua says:

    I don’t live in America. I am not a fan of Trump either but I feel you regarding the media.

  7. Citizen Tom says:

    Trump isn’t the news media’s problem The problem is that Trump is an outsider, and he threatens the crony capitalist system that they are part of.

    The most well paid journalists are propagandists. To some people that seems to be a relatively easy job. You just have to sell your soul. What has these journalists worried is that no one believes them anymore. So their propaganda has less and less value.

    Imagine the CEOs of the big corporations that own the mass media, especially the new organizations. They pay for those organizations to influence public opinion and get their cronies elected. Of what value are news organizations that no one believes?

    • Don Merritt says:

      I saw some polling data yesterday that would lend credence to your point, but I’m not quite ready to celebrate just yet. The media will get their report card in November; we’ll see.

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