TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

Have You Heard about this One?

Just when we thought that Washington, DC couldn’t get any crazier, DC Councilman Charles Allen has introduced a measure to lower the voting age in the District from 18 to 16. According to news reports, 7 of the 13 Council members have signed on to the proposal; a majority. Mr. Allen says that he was inspired to take this action by the high school students who organized and led the recent “March for our lives” that filled Washington with thousands of people protesting, mostly adults, for something to be done in the wake of the Parkland (FL) school shooting back in February.

Other members echoed Allen’s remarks and expressed their admiration for our young people who are leading the way for social change across America, as have many television commentators in recent weeks.

Should Washington go ahead with this proposal, the city would join others such as Takoma Park, Md and Berkeley, Ca in extending voting rights to children. However, unlike other municipalities that can only change voting ages in their own local elections, adoption of Mr. Allen’s proposal in the District of Columbia would enable 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in the 2020 election for president of the United States, and since that would be a violation of Federal Election Law, the whole thing might well be headed for a court showdown.

I can’t help thinking that all of this sounds so very grand, as long as one doesn’t actually use their ability to think. During the whole “March for our lives” business, I was really struck by the number of otherwise intelligent commentators who admired the students for leading and organizing the great event in Washington.


Are we really supposed to believe that a couple of 15-year-olds grabbed their credit cards and started booking bus charters and hotels when, at their tender young age, they are not legally competent to enter into a legally binding contract? Yep, they called the city of Washington and obtained the march permits? They booked the celebrity speakers? Of course not!

Those brilliant commentators were working for news agencies that reported the whole thing was organized by the Women’s March and several other far-left activist organizations that came together to shamelessly exploit the victims of a terrible shooting to promote their own agendas.

Even so, we can take some pride in those young people who choose to become involved in the process of promoting change, for surely change must take place to put an end to the terrible and senseless violence that many of them endured.

As for giving children the right to vote in DC elections… I suppose they really couldn’t do much worse than their parents have in choosing leaders for a city that isn’t really known for being well managed.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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15 Responses to TLP Op-Ed: 4/21/18

  1. I try and stay away from politics but seem to be “sucked” back in from time to time; but it is only when things are so obviously bent and wrong. I agree, Brother with every word you said. The sad part is, there are so many adults today that don’t even know a FRACTION of the Constitution and these same adults are NOT teaching these kids, yet we will “allow” them a vote to change things in our country? It is obviously a scheme as so many of them are to get more people to vote for Democrats liberal agenda, but when are things going to change?! (and I do not believe ALL Democrats are bad either). I just don’t see any real help for America unless Christ Jesus is put back into the leadership of this country. I’m just glad my Home, my true home and citizenship is elsewhere more glorious!!! God bless you always, Don!

    • Don Merritt says:

      Thanks Roland. Our hope is not in the institutions of men, no matter how worthy those institutions may be. Having our hope lie in what is from above is thus a double-blessing, for not only is our hope in that which is from above, but that relieves of us from the grief that is from below.

  2. photojaq says:

    I thought I would like the idea of your Ob-Ed posts, but I find myself getting all stirred up and even – dare I say – angry. Not liking that feeling.

  3. Well said. I think DC is 90% one party.

    Be blessed.

  4. wmhny says:

    At least you complimented the kids to express concern. They have a legitimate fear and some went through a living hell at their school. I am sure they got some outside help. Instead of the bellowing about the left and the media, take the moment and explain your side of the story in a respectful way toward the near future voters. Keep the NRA away to make your point without them hindering your presentation. Some of these 15-17 year olds may be a future congressman. Future Vice President or yes, President. One young man may be already groomed for future office. Even Davenport had a walk in the snow a few weeks back. The demos are working on the future.

    By the way, you may have heard of the students walking out of classes across the country yesterday? Including my daughter’s high school. She was originally going to go but changed her mind and stayed in class. She said it would be pointless and “nothing will change”. That and I think the class she would skip is a class she is really struggling with.

    Anyway, present another view what is going on and encourage them. This also means not all kids are playing video games and binging on Netflix. A good sign.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Thank you for joining the conversation, I very much appreciate your contribution. A couple of things… I don’t have a “side”. Please note that my remarks are in response to Mr. Allen’s comments in favor of his bill. As for the NRA… I am not influenced by the NRA, I do not support the NRA, I do not now, nor have I ever owned a gun; I couldn’t care less about guns; I am blind, and blind folks don’t shoot guns.

  5. Citizen Tom says:

    Reblogged this on Citizen Tom and commented:
    I live in Northern Virginia, not too far from our nation’s capital. Came here to get a job. A steady stream of large amounts of money flows through this area. Richest counties in the nation are all around our nation’s capital. So that idea worked.

    Been here almost a quarter of a century now. Has being here made me an expert about politics? No, but being here did encourage me to study politics.

    Have I learned anything? What about this post? Why would the people who run our nation’s capital want to lower the voting age? Well, lowering the voting age is about demagoguery, that is, empowering demagogues.

    If you want to be the most powerful politician you can be, then you want to spend (have control over the spending of) as much money as possible. What has that got to do with lower the voting age? Well, people who pay taxes generally don’t want to be taxed any more than is absolutely necessary. On the other hand, there are people who think they pay little or nothing in taxes. There are also people who get products, services, and money from the government. Those people generally don’t mind seeing increases in taxes and spending, and those people include 16 year old people.

    Back in colonial times, only property owners voted. People who did not own anything did not vote. Politicians (out of the charity of their hearts, of course) extended the voting franchise until virtually any adult could vote.

    What was the result? There may have been some benefits, but they were some problems too. The Federal Budget is virtually out of control. Yet what are our glorious leaders worried about? They want to give 16 year old people the right to vote?

    Take a look at Don Merritt’s post. That last line is kind of funny. It is also all too true.

    Then go take a look at the Constitution. Washington DC is actually under the control of the Federal Government. The people who have allowed our nation’s capital to become a laughingstock also run our country.

    Still curious? Here is an assortment of news articles.





  6. I think you have combined two separate issues here. The ability of 16-year-olds to make intelligent choices on the ballot varies – as it does with 60-year-olds. Of course the students organizing the march had help – but that doesn’t mean they weren’t informed on the issues.

    Limiting the franchise is a contentious issue no matter what your voting age. Though Americans should probably be less concerned with age and more concerned about the voter suppression tactics that are increasingly being imposed on the USA in the name of democracy.

  7. Diamand Gulley says:

    I’m pretty speechless on this one. Amazed!! No wait, Amuzed!

  8. Haha…perhaps they couldn’t do worse. Some folks voted for Hilary – a woman who was pushing for abortion up to birth. Talk about insanity.

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