A Final Thought About Ecclesiastes


If nothing else, we can say that the Teacher has taught us a great deal about putting our hopes into the things of this life under the sun, for life under the sun is futile. All of us are destined to die and sooner or later, we will be forgotten.

Of course we might try to convince ourselves that this won’t be true in our case, or we might try to say that there are many alive today who will be remembered for their achievements.

Maybe there is one or two like that, yet they too will die and even if they are remembered by a few, their names will slip rather quickly from memory.

Do you know who Dan Sickles was? How about John Hay? Do you recall who the most famous American was in the 19th century? It wasn’t Abraham Lincoln… The names I’ve mentioned are all from the 19th century, they are known to history buffs only, but all were very famous indeed in their time and had major accomplishments of one sort or another, yet for all intents and purposes, they are forgotten.

If only a handful remember the really famous people of that century, what does that say about you and me?

So why then do we spend so much of our time with the affairs of life under the sun when we could be engaged in things that have significance beyond today? Why do we so often say that we don’t have time for the things of God because we are so terribly busy?

Busy with what exactly…? Chasing the wind?

To be fair to all concerned, this is just my musings, and for the most part, it’s musing about my own performance in this life; perhaps if you were to muse about your own life, you would find that you are doing a better job of time management than I am! Even so, it would be a worthwhile thing to ponder, don’t you agree?

If nothing else, it’s fascinating to go through this thought process while listening to the news of the day… talk about chasing the wind!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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13 Responses to A Final Thought About Ecclesiastes

  1. paulfg says:

    Thank you. A loving conclusion as always.

  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Excellent observations, Don😊

  3. daylerogers says:

    Thanks for this, Don. It’s a wake-up call to be reminded that we are but a dust bunny being blown by the wind. Our value is in Jesus alone. This has been a great study.

  4. Busy with what exactly…? Chasing the wind? Ssssooo true!

  5. Timely, at Grace Chapel Lexington we just finished a series on Ecclesiastes…

  6. It goes along my dear Brother with what I have taught for years (as well as others) love in and as the world loves (a miscued twisted idea of love) or love God and others with an Eternal love, (an active love). I would rather be motivated by an eternal love for those around me for in the scheme of eternity, our natural lives are not even comparable to a drop in the oceans of earth!!

    Great conclusion to a wonderful teaching on Ecclesiastes!! God bless!

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