The Image of God; a few final comments

I think we’ve reached a point where we can bring our journey of exploration to a close… for the present, anyway. I qualify that because the image of God is such a vast subject of inquiry, the implications so huge, that one can never be entirely satisfied that there isn’t still more to find.

I must say that I have found this to be one of the most rewarding and amazing adventures that I have ever been involved with in blogging. Most of the reason is the subject matter itself, but the other is, in a word, you. This series has been the most interactive ever at the Life Project, and I want to share with you my heartfelt thanks for your participation. In roughly ten days, I received well more than 500 comments, and while for many bloggers this may not be an impressive stat, for my little blog it is unprecedented, even though I do get my fair share of comments as a rule.

Thank you!

For those few dozen who sent me emails of encouragement during this time: Thank you!

I think we’ve run into something very important here; important in two ways:

First, is the subject matter. In looking back at my manuscript (I write posts in Word so that a series of posts is one long Word document) there is information there that might be useful for people who aren’t on Word Press, and I am considering some possibilities for a book or… something (not sure what yet).

Secondly, is the community that is developing here. It isn’t often that this many people come together from such a diversity of background and doctrine in a Bible study; I have a few ideas banging around in my head about ways to make this blog more interactive, more relational, more “community”. I use Skype fairly often these days; I wonder if we could use Skype to get to know each other better, have small group studies or accountability groups or …? Any ideas you may have would be appreciated.

Finally, there is always the question, “Now what?”

I have recently begun a small group study here locally on the Gospel of Mark, and I thought I might also blog through Mark at the same time, which would be convenient, so I think I’ll begin posting on Mark, probably tomorrow, and of course, since there was a very good response to the idea of “Nakedness as a Biblical Metaphor” I’ll get to work on that, with the first post no later than early next week.

As I was typing this a thought came to mind: Anybody want to do a small group study of Mark on Skype? If so, shoot me an email!

Once again, thank you dear readers, you are more of a blessing than you can possibly know.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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11 Responses to The Image of God; a few final comments

  1. Skype study on Mark: One yes vote here!

  2. pipermac5 says:

    A book would be a great idea, and probably the quickest way to get it in “print” is as an E-book. I have some Christian friends who are editors, and who might be interested in helping you put the finishing-touches on it, particularly because of the topic. Feel free to use any of my writings as resources as you develop it towards publication.

    Thank you for a great series!


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  4. tellthetruth1 says:

    Book would be wonderful, Skype would be amazing! Love and want both 🙂

  5. Matt Brumage says:

    I like the Skype idea. I’m in.

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