An Exciting Announcement!


Today is a special day here at The Life Project; I am departing from the usual format to share a special day on another blog site. As you know, I am involved with “Church Set Free” a blog made up of several authors, contributors and guests that is devoted to building the Kingdom by combining people with different viewpoints, experience, cultures and expertise to give glory to God.

Over at “Church Set Free” this is “Secret Santa Worship Day” meaning that each of the authors, contributors and several guests will be posting on the topic of Worship, a huge topic that can go in so many different directions that the possibilities are virtually endless. None of us has seen what the others have written, until they are posted, so we are all looking forward to seeing what the others have to say on the subject. As of the moment I am writing this announcement, I have not read any of the others’ posts, and I am going to begin to re-blog each of them… and then I will read them. Thus, these will appear on The Life Project without any kind of edit from me, giving you the opportunity to see a wide diversity of views on worship. You will probably agree with much of what is presented, and you may disagree with some of it, but in either case, you will have the opportunity to search the Scriptures, to reflect and to pray, so that in the end, your walk with our Lord will closer and dearer to you than it was before.

So, are you up for this journey? Please check back throughout the day to see these fascinating posts as they become available!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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