Dealing with New Realities

Today is my day to deal with new realities, for there are two things new today around here. First of all, today is the day that the City has chosen to work on the sewer lines, so no running water or flushing. Second is a more long term situation; my wife, over my consistent objections, has procured a New Dog.

I don’t know why that would surprise me; I’ve surely never been called “He Who Must Be Obeyed”!12249575_10208066124999250_7096005697460658006_n

Thus, on Friday last, She Who Must Be Obeyed arrived home with a New Dog. According to the story I heard, New Dog is an orphan, since his original owner sadly passed away a few months back, and since then he’s been in “foster care” with various family members, in need of a “permanent home”. Guess where that is?


Now don’t get me wrong, I like dogs, dogs usually like me, believe it or not; I’ve even been called a “dog person” and as best I can tell, they meant I get along with dogs… yet I didn’t really want to do this again, but as I have been informed, I am wrong about that… I really do want to do it again, I just don’t know it.

So then, here we are on this wonderful and cold Monday; sewer work and New Dog.

New Dog doesn’t seem to care much for sewer work; they make lots of racket out there; New Dog is kind of freaked out about that. Now I can understand that, new house with new sounds and smells and very strange new people; it’s a lot to get used to. I can also understand that it must be getting very tiresome for the dog to keep having new people to train. I can even recognize that as new people trainees go, I am a handful, with my stupid notions about who is really in charge around here. Yes, I can sympathize with our little friend, but it’s just that so far today, he’s taught me two new rules that I don’t much care for: The first one is that when Cathy isn’t here, it’s OK to poop in the hallway. I was so surprised about that one, that I got it up with paper towels, tossed the whole thing in the commode, and forgot about the poor sewer workers until right after I flushed it… Sorry Guys!

Somehow, I suspect that this new rule doesn’t apply to the rest of us.

The second new rule is that when freaked out by the noise of the sewer work, I am required to have New Dog in my lap at all times.

As for that new rule, I suppose there is an advantage; it’s a cold day, and New Dog is warm… but it sure is hard to type like this!

You may think that New Dog is a stupid name, but in truth it really isn’t his name at all; he actually came with one already, it’s “Taz”. Now I don’t much care for that name, and lobbied with She Who Must Be Obeyed to give him a new one; I’m sure I could do better than “Taz”! Why I give great names to dogs, for instance, last time I got to name a dog, it was “Bill” in honor of my high esteem for our 42nd president. No, I really can’t understand why she suddenly is so fond of the name “Taz”…

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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23 Responses to Dealing with New Realities

  1. Cate B says:

    Haha. Love this post. He is a cute little guy. And Thundershirts work wonders for noise and nerves. Now my 80# dog doesn’t get in my lap.

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  3. Little Monk says:

    I’ve posted what I hope is a “helpful” supporting response, over on Church Set Free! Enjoy your new family! — LM

  4. New Dog is beautiful. I have no doubt you two will become fast friends and he will have you well trained in no time at all. 😉

  5. Oh, Don, he’s stinkin’ adorable. Admit it. You were smiling the entire time you wrote this. 😉

  6. Bette Cox says:

    Aahhhh, how cute! You know you really love him already… 🙂

  7. Cathy Merritt says:

    I am so glad to hear he finally did number 2. I was worried about that. It can only get better. Today was not a good day to base having a new dog with all the commotion outside. He is a great puppy and I already love him.

  8. Lee says:

    Very entertaining way to introduce us to your “New Dog” or is it “Taz”.

  9. Messenger At The Crossroads says:

    I can understand the consternation. We had some acquaintances years ago. They called their dog “LD”. It stood for “Last Dog”. I miss my old dog – may she rest in peace, but although it’s been 6 years, I cannot bring myself to adopt another one. Perhaps all phases come to an end. Sometimes I wonder if the fascination with dogs these days has to do with the outer expression of being able to manage one’s “inner beast”. Food for thought… Thanks for the inspiration – it may make a good post one of these days.

  10. Nice. Imagine 3 of them. My mom had 2 Maltese and I had one. When my mom went home to be with the Lord, I ended up with 3 Maltese. I haven’t the heart to get rid of them.

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