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Interesting Afternoon

This afternoon I planned on going out to get some new pictures; where to go? I narrowed to venue down to Capitol Hill and the Mall or National Harbor.  In the end, I decided on National Harbor because I haven’t … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget this Sunday!

Don’t forget to check in this Sunday to Sunday Class Notes right here at Life Reference!  That’s when we will begin our look at the Olivet Discourse of Jesus.  What is the Olivet Discourse, you ask?  It is the major … Continue reading

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Playing Tourist During the Shutdown

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I awake this morning knowing that one more day of furlough at least and listening to the radio that Congress will go home for the weekend.  No end in sight and the OPM (Office of Personnel…

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Morning Stillness

The morning was cool, damp and still as I walked in the meadow listening.  The cry of a bird rose from the distant woods and then silence returned as I began to pray.  I was filled with gratitude for all … Continue reading

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