Why I Have Two Blogs

Several people have asked me why I started another blog back in July, and I haven’t given a complete answer up to this point, and since it’s Saturday, usually a ‘slow’ blogging day, I thought I’d go into it…

I thought this one came out OK

I thought this one came out OK, click it to enlarge

My “other” blog is called Photo Vistas and it is linked on this page at the upper right.  Photo Vistas is a photo blog as you might guess; there is practically no text there.  It consists of photos I have taken.  Some are old and some were taken as recently as yesterday. The pictures there really have no rhyme or reason, they are just of things that I thought might make a nice picture.  Buildings, landscapes, street scenes or whatever…

OK, now for the why…

There are really three reasons.  First, I have hundreds of pictures that I have taken and never used on this blog; may as well share them.

Second, I have a lot of time on my hands these days, and I am in a location where there are lots of things to take pictures of.

Third, it is virtually impossible for me to take a decent picture because I cannot see what I am doing.  Ah yes, this is the real reason! I really can’t see what I’m shooting; I can only guess.  To be sure, I can see light and shadow, and I’m very good with colors.  I don’t always know what those shadows and colors are, but I can tell they are there, so I have a little challenge in trying to shoot them; sometimes I get it right and sometimes I have a photo of nothing. It’s always fun to se which when I upload…

To be perfectly honest, though i seldom talk about it, and I’m a darn good faker, I hate the fact that I’ve lost most of my vision. I can’t do work any more, at least not what I’ve always done.  Basically I’ve become useless, and I do not like that! Therefore, being charitable and cautious, I’ve taken up a “hobby” that I cannot do and Photo Vistas is the result.

OK, out with it: Maybe it’s a way to pretend that I’m still “in the game.”

I can detect light and color and I walk around looking, or trying to look, at stuff around me.  Suddenly, I have a composition in my mind… and I try to take a picture of it.  When I get it right, I have a photo, when I get it wrong, I delete… Very often, I have a pretty good picture with the roof cut off of a building, or as happened yesterday…

CAP 007

This one didn’t come out so well. Click to enlarge.

The Capitol without Columbia on top!


Well, otherwise it wasn’t that bad.  Yesterday is a good case in point.  I went off to see what I could do at the Capitol.  It’s an easy trip for me.  I left here and walked to Huntington Station.  I got on the Metro and took it to National Archives Station, a trip I’ve done a few times before, but alas! the speakers in my car weren’t working so I had to count the stops.  National Archives is the second stop after you cross the river, and since you cross above the river, it’s easy to tell.  I know the streets of downtown Washington fairly well; Lord knows I’ve been here many times.  The station dumps you out on Pennsylvania Avenue, so it’s easy to find.  The Capitol is left, the White House is right, so I went left.  There are several streets to cross; that’s the hard part because I can’t see the lights, but there is lots of traffic, both auto and foot, so I cross when others do, or when the cars go the other way.  Once you get used to it, it isn’t so difficult.The big danger is tripping over stuff, so you must be ware of shadows!

I’ve been told that I should use a white cane… wouldn’t that be a hoot!  A guy with a white cane taking pictures!  Definitely a conversation-starter. Well I’m not going to do that any time soon, but it would be pretty funny.

OK, so why am I telling you this?

Honestly, there are two reasons:  First, it’s a shameless plug for Photo Vistas!  Here’s the link.

Second, to let you all know that no matter what happens in life, you aren’t out of the game until you put yourself on the bench.  Don’t do it! There may be some things you can’t do like you used to; don’t i know it!  But that doesn’t mean you need to sit down or hang it up.  The Apostle Paul had trouble with his vision, so he went out, took the Gospel to the gentiles and wrote the majority of the New Testament.  You and I can serve as well. Maybe a photo blog isn’t your thing, but you can still tell the old, old story.  You can find a way to inspire those around you.

Consider how many people are perfectly able-bodied, strong believers in Jesus and who have talents and abilities, who never do anything to serve the Lord.  Do you suppose that some of these folks can be inspired to join in and do their part by your example (and mine)?  I think so, and I don’t know about you, but I’m willing to risk falling on my face from time-to-time to inspire them.

How about you?

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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10 Responses to Why I Have Two Blogs

  1. robsblogname says:

    Great post!

  2. We all as humans have unlimited potential. We are made in God’s image, and you know what that means? We carry his creative powers as well :).

  3. dirofpr says:

    You’re not out of the game… I needed to hear what you had to say this morning. Thank you. …His strength is made perfect in our weakness.

  4. pinwika says:

    Wow, Don. thanks so much for sharing. I congratulate you for your very positive outlook, and I hope that like you I can remember to have the attitude befitting one who has a heavenly father and much much to thank and praise Him for. Blessings

  5. Oh my gosh, Don…you must connect with Steve Rebus at iChristian…http://steverebus.com You are both beautiful photographers whose love and light shines through your photography. Bless you for being honest and vulnerable and allowing God to work through you.

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