Signs of the Times

The Red Oak was a restaurant located in rural Illinois, from what I’ve been told it was a real nice place; good food and service and all the rest.  When I stopped by it was closed up and the locals said they were out of business.

What a shame…

There are many places just like this all over the country; hopes and  dreams… gone. The economic situation is quite disappointing, to say the least. I hope that America is taking notice, and will remember on election day!

This is not a post about politics, however; it is a post about hope.  The real question is where do we place our hope?  The frequent visitor to this blog will note that this is a question I ask every so often here, but I don’t think it’s over done.  In fact it’s a question we should ask ourselves every day: Where am I placing my hope?  Is it in economics, politics, money? If these are where we place our hopes, we’re in trouble, for they aren’t coming through very well.

There is only one place for us to put our hopes and dreams, and that is in God’s hands.  God is faithful, God is merciful, God cares about us and God can be relied upon no matter what else is going on;  God is the One in whom we should rely.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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2 Responses to Signs of the Times

  1. D W Martens says:

    It occurs to me that there is no hope proferred by the attitude of, “Go into all the world and proclaim doom and damnation to all those who do not repent.” Rather, making disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything Jesus has commanded, is hope building; especially considering his promise that he is with us to the very end of the age. And, though we have troubles in this world, he has overcome the world. This is hope!

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