Sunday Bible Study Notes: January 29

A Private Conversation with Jesus

Today’s Text:              John 3:1-21


Nicodemus, a Pharisee and member of the ruling council came to Jesus in the night with a question, and although he never actually got around to asking it, Jesus gave him considerably more of an answer than Nicodemus had bargained for.  In fact, Jesus in His answer gave what many commentators believe is an example of His early preaching; a wide-ranging explanation of how a person can be saved through the New Covenant He would make with Man.  He will speak of many things in this conversation, and by the time it concludes He will have set out God’s plan for Mankind.

Points of Interest


3:1-3:               Nicodemus opens the conversation with a statement; saying that “we” know that Jesus is from God for His miracles have confirmed the fact.  The use of “we” is interesting, for it implies that as of this early date many or all of the Pharisees had come to the realization that Jesus was the real deal.  In His reply, Jesus goes ahead to answer the question Nicodemus is working up to when He tells him that he must be born again.

3:4-7:               Nicodemus, as most people would do, has taken Jesus’ statement literally; it seems at first to be ridiculous.  Jesus, on the other hand is speaking of an entirely different kind of life, a life that is entirely apart from this physical realm.  This birth is of “water and the Spirit” rather than from flesh and blood.  Keep in mind that from the OT Jewish point of view, a person is born into God’s Kingdom (earthly Israel) through physical birth.  This is a shadow of things to come.  What will become reality through Christ is “rebirth” into the Kingdom of Heaven.  This will be accomplished through water at baptism and the Spirit through the Gospel message ( cf. 1Cor. 4:15 and 1Peter 1:23 ).  This kingdom is not a small and weak little nation that is living under foreign occupation, but a majestic and ultimately powerful kingdom headed by God Himself that will cover the entire globe for ever.

3:8:                  This verse illustrates Jesus’ remark in verse 6: When something is born of flesh, you know where it came from, but something born of the Spirit is like something borne by the wind, you don’t know where it came from or where it is going, because your physical senses can’t quite perceive these things.  Someone or something born of the Spirit can only be perceived by someone else who is born of the Spirit.

3:9-13:             Poor Nicodemus is having trouble following this, and so would we in his place… ad so does anyone who is not “of the Spirit” today.  Jesus’ main point here is that He has been teaching the people about earthly things, and they haven’t believed… even though He has been telling them about things that He has witnessed.  Thus, He has been giving testimony.  In the same way, nobody can testify about heaven unless he has been there; Jesus has come from there and is giving testimony of what He has seen, heard and knows for a fact.  It’s as though Jesus were telling Nicodemus: “Come on buddy, you’re a teacher of Israel, you’re supposed to understand this stuff.  If you didn’t know about it before, you’re supposed to be educated enough to recognize reliable testimony and believe it: stay with me here!”

3:14-15:           Jesus continues to attempt to communicate with Nicodemus by using an illustration fromIsrael’s past that he would be familiar with.  This illustration comes from Numbers 21:4-9 when God sent a plague of snakes upon His grumbling and rebellious people.  When the serpent was lifted up before then and they gazed upon it in faith, they would live.  If not… they would die.  In the same way, Jesus will be lifted up before the people (on the cross).  Those who look to Him on the cross in faith will live.

3:16-18:           This passage is probably the most familiar of all to Christians; it is the very heart of the Gospel setting out just exactly the whole core of Christian Theology.  God has sent His Son into the world to save Mankind from rebellion against God.  Those who believe Him will have eternal life; those who refuse will perish for they have condemned themselves by their refusal.  God loves all Mankind and genuinely wants them to be saved, but He allows them to exercise their free will on the matter: How will you decide?

3:19-21:           This final passage uses the illustration of “light”.  Jesus is the light, the truth that shines in a dark world.  The world has done evil, it has rejected the light; it has rejected the truth.  Yet, if we do what is good, if we believe the One who was sent by God as the light of the world, we will move into the light and our testimony will light the darkness and the world will see that we are doing God’s work.  Again, this is a thumbnail of the Gospel message at work in our lives.  In the remainder of this chapter, John has set forth the testimony of John the Baptist about Jesus.  It is interesting to note that John (the author) has put these passages together in this way.  First, you have the conversation between Jesus and Nicodemus in which Jesus sets out the whole Gospel plan to a Pharisee, who presumably will report on it, and second you have the Baptist’s testimony that Jesus is the Christ and about the Gospel as a third-party validation.  One might wonder just what it would take to get people to figure out who Jesus was.

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