Let’s Fix the Super Bowl!

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I am a football fan, and I particularly enjoy College football, that is until we get around to the championship game; that’s when I start to wonder about things.  This year is different!

After listening to the commentators on the four-letter network for the past couple of months discuss how the BCS nearly always get’s it right, and also after hearing them explain what a “champion” really is, I have come around to understanding why the BCS works so well.  I am posting this to help you understand as well.

In order for you to fully understand why this is true, I must insist that you read this very carefully, or you will miss the reality of what I am saying!


The critical point is this:  A true champion is the “best team”.  Got it?

To be the best team, you need to have the best program, the best tradition and the best players… It does not mean that you just win on the field; anybody can do that!  So you see, the BCS always has the “best” two teams in the big game; it’s as simple as that!

The NFL on the other hand has an out-dated and vulgar playoff system that does not recognize the “best”.  Here’s how we can tell…

In last year’s Super Bowl, Green Bay beat Pittsburgh: What a joke!  At the beginning or the playoffs, nobody would say that Green Bay was the best, they just got hot at the right time, barely squeaked into the playoffs and got lucky because they were hot.  This is no way to recognize the “best” team!!!

So, here’s how we can fix this stupid playoff system:  (You might want to take notes)

Step 1:  The week after the NFL regular season ends, the winner of the AFC South plays the winner of the NFC South.  The winner goes to the Super Bowl.

Step 2:  Sports writers choose their favorite team off of the “eligible list”  The “eligible” teams are: Patriots, Steelers, Dolphins, Giants, Eagles, and Packers.

Step 3:  If none of the eligible teams is good enough, then the sports writers and commentators choose the second-best team from the AFC/NFC South and they go to the Super Bowl.

Step 4:  All of the other teams with at least an 8-8 record are paired up with another team at random, and they play a game on someone else’s field for a nice trophy.

Now that you see this set out in a logical and practical way, can’t you see that this is the best way to select a true “champion”?  No more lucky teams, no more dumb and ridiculous matchups in the Super Bowl, only the two “best” teams!  As soon as the NFL gets straightened out, I think we need to fix the other sports too.  In fact, can’t you see that we can use this method to fix all of the country’s problems?

Write to the NFL, call their offices, email them, maybe we can get an occupy group together to make them see that they have it all wrong!

Finally the Lombardi Trophy will mean something!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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