TLP Inspiration: 9/10/18


We have already seen that as Jesus went forth proclaiming the Kingdom, that healing, and restoration of wholeness went in His wake, for the restoration of wholeness, including the restoration of relationships torn by the hostility of this world is something within the very character of God. A peacemaker is someone who places a high priority on restoring relationships, even with those considered to be enemies; this is also what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

On the other hand, many, maybe even most people of this world are not peacemakers. Look around you, this world is not a peaceful place, for people vie with each other for riches, for position and advantage. Such people are not making peace and restoring relationships, except for personal gain; this is not the behavior of a disciple, and thus the blessing of a restored relationship with God is not present in the here and now, and it is not likely to be found in the hereafter unless changes are made.

For the disciple, blessing in great supply is to be found in restoring wholeness and relationships; it is its own reward, and as a disciple the eternal future is both assured and very bright, for there will be blessing beyond imagination in store.

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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5 Responses to TLP Inspiration: 9/10/18

  1. Being a peacemaker is the most frustrating of all the Beatitudes, my mother was such. She worked hard all her life to maintain the peace with her family (brothers and sisters) after her parents passed. The struggle took a lot out of her, and after she passed the unit fell apart into fractions, and fractions within fractions. After she passed I tried to fill the role within our family, which consisted of my brother and his family, and myself. I failed miserably, and even the efforts put in to prevent the eventual failure took a lot out of me. No, being a peacemaker is not an easy task, they deserve the blessing.

  2. Family Priorities, Inc. says:

    What a great article! Thanks for your insight on Peacemakers. If I might add, a peacemaker can only be a true peacemaker when the Prince of Peace Himself rules in the life of the one who is trying to make peace. As Christians, the Holy Spirit of God lives inside of us urging us to follow Him in our daily lives. If we do not heed that calling, we can NOT be peacemakers. We will not be able to live up to the godly definition without His Spirit in us. Allow Christ to rule and reign in your life and He will make you a peacemaker. Thank you for your words. Keep them coming! A new follower.
    LeAnne Perkins

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