Naked Before God: Trials and Tribulations

Praying in true humility can be difficult for us, particularly early in our Christian walk, yet for many of us, getting through the trials and tribulations of this life may be even more difficult. These are times of disappointments, problems, hardships, and sometimes these can lead to despair and desperation; we might even begin to wonder if God has forgotten all about us. Even worse, we might begin to think that God is exacting punishment upon us for something we have done or not done; oh yes, these are hard times indeed.

More than any other time in this life, times of hardship are times when we need to approach God’s presence holding nothing back, laying everything out in the open, times when we need to bare all before the God who sees all anyway. This is not only a time for praying in humility, it is also a time when we need to be honest about our doubts, frustrations, fears and disappointments, for when we are candid with God, He will usually be candid with us, if we are willing to listen to Him.

Have you ever read the Psalms?  How often David cried out to God; how often David asked Him pointed questions about his struggles and misery! Do we dare do the same?

Here’s something to think about: David was no more perfect than you or I, David experienced many hardships, some of which were caused by his own poor decisions, and some caused by human treachery and just plain evil; David questioned God and exhorted Him, yet through it all David kept his faith and in the end he was said to have been a man after God’s own heart.

Few of us experience more hardships than David did, and fewer still will make the same mistakes David made; why then are so few of us willing to be honest with God about our struggles and doubts?

God desires intimate relationship with us, very intimate. God knows our hearts and our thoughts; why not just be open and honest, rather than trying to act as though we had no doubts, no fears, no questions? You see, dear reader, this too is being naked before God. As for me, I have dealt with struggles both ways in my journey with Him; some I have held back, acting as though I was not affected, while other times I have taken my doubts, concerns and frustration to Him openly. In the former cases, I relied upon my own strength, which is considerable if I were to be honest with you. In the latter cases, I have received His strength in dealing with difficulty: Do you really need to ask which set of circumstances worked out the best?

Needless to say, through my own trials and tribulations I have learned that being completely open with God is the best policy, even (or especially) when it isn’t very comfortable.

I hope that you will share your thoughts with us on this issue!

About Don Merritt

A long time teacher and writer, Don hopes to share his varied life's experiences in a different way with a Christian perspective.
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14 Responses to Naked Before God: Trials and Tribulations

  1. paulfg says:

    You said something on the last “naked post” … ” To put it another way, being ‘naked’ is nothing if not humbling.”

    Watching our grandchildren running around “nake nake” in this fine weather (no clothes on) – they have yet to learn “shame” of their own body – yet to be embarrassed and need clothing (when among those they trust). And they have tantrums that last seconds or minutes (usually when too tired to “cope properly”) – and then they are laughing and off to do something else – full of “Wow” at this and “Wow” at that. They “engage” with the moment and those in that moment – they have no need to learn humility.

    And soon they will learn to think before they open their mouths. Learn to behave “appropriately”. To be “properly clothed”. To be wary of strangers. To be subject to “safeguarding” – and the absence of that from some. All of that teaching is expected – and along the way creates barriers.

    Perhaps the key is a God that I am taught is a child who runs “nake nake”. A God who is the child that i was before I became a man. A God I can trust, that I can engage with, that I can run “nake nake” with in complete safety, that I don’t have to think before I speak, that doesn’t need to be safeguarded from me or me from Him. A God not of “Wow (woops – sorry God)”, but a God who goes “WOWEE!!” first so I am free to go “WOWEEEE!!!!!!” back.

    And “that” seems to me to be nothing other than “teaching” – just as “teaching” creates the barriers, so too “teaching” that creates the absence of barriers.

    • Don Merritt says:

      I think you’re exactly right about the teaching. We teach our little children to feel shame about their bodies so they’ll behave. We teach our youth to cover up in a way that projects an image they want others to think is who they are. We teach one another to be intimidated by God, to dread His presence and to walk on eggshells… but Jesus said we must become like the little children to enter His Kingdom: They are still innocent and when you think about that, our “sophistication” would seem to be highly over-rated.

  2. I was just sharing this with a new Christian brother last night. In prayer we need to be honest with God. He knows how we really feel anyway false language and emotion does nothing more than block His answers to prayer and our growth through the trial. He can handle our emotion what He won’t handle is our falsehood.

  3. Reblogged this on Cynthia Hilston – Author & Blogger and commented:
    I have heard it said that even yelling at God, even cursing at God is prayer. It’s talking to God, even in anger, frustration, hurt, or sadness. Or, dare I say it, blame? I understand far too easily the feeling of being upset with God because of my life’s circumstances. I have wanted to blame God. I have asked why. I have even questioned if God loves or cares about me…if He exists. I believe true faith must have a shadow of doubts. Doubts can make faith stronger when worked through and not ignored.

  4. Barbara Lane says:

    I have always been amazed at people saying “Oh you can’t say that to God.” Like if I don’t tell Him I’m upset with Him, confused, worried, He won’t know it. I’m thankful that I have been able to times to say – like the Psalmist – that I was angry with Him or totally confused.

    • Don Merritt says:

      Vary true Barbara; how can we say we’re in intimate relationship with God if we don’t talk about things? Our relationship with Him is just like a marriage: If we don’t share and communicate, the intimacy is broken. Of course, the one writing this is known to keep his thoughts to himself 😊

  5. Andrew Blair says:

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    Be naked before God and therefore have no shame, God likes to hear it from the horses mouth, so tell God, even yell at God, engage

  6. Andrew Blair says:

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    ‘Be naked before God and therefore have no shame, God likes to hear it from the horses mouth, so tell God, even yell at God, engage’

  7. Love this. Our daughter almost died soon after birth in a freak circumstance. Only God could have brought her through almost unscathed. I just reblogged her story. At
    It is a daily struggle for me to push fear out of the way and Trust in Gods plan.

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